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Photo Yearbook

For the most beautiful pages of your year

2020 - a special year. With our book templates and styles, you can tell your story of this year in a very impressive way. Like Julia Kahlke. Our customer recorded the most emotional moments of the past few months in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK: Among other things, she received a marriage proposal, her mare a foal and the entire family a long-awaited reunion. Julia designed the yearbook as a present for her fiancé Philipp - and out of love for her family and gratitude for many unique moments.

Designing a yearbook is super easy with a book template from the CEWE Photo World.

Whether puristic, emotional or colorful - every design template has its special feature

Design and order with the CEWE Fotowelt software

Install the CEWE Fotowelt software on your computer.

Click on CEWE PHOTOBOOK in the top menu.

Now choose your preferred format: You can put together the right CEWE PHOTOBOOK for you from a variety of formats, types of paper and various covers.

Then click on “Start designing”. In the window that opens, you can select a suitable book template.

Confirm with "Apply selection" to start the editor. All pages are now designed in the desired design. Now only one thing is missing: your photos.

Would you like to read everything again in peace? Then simply download the instructions as a PDF .

Design tips: How to create your yearbook with ease

Collect ideas to personalize the highlights of your year.

A woman is sitting in front of a laptop, smiling (view from behind), numerous photos can be seen on the screen.

Yearbook design: sorting photos - it's that easy

Birthday parties, vacations, sports events: a family brings together many photos over the course of the year. CEWE editor Julia Richters explains how to sort memories sensibly and organize them with the help of CEWE MYPHOTOS - for example for a CEWE PHOTOBOOK as a yearbook.

The open photo book lies on a round table with a plant on it.

Easier design: templates for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

You don't have to be a designer to create an appealing photo book. Simply choose your favorites from the various templates and fill the pages that have already been designed with your own images.

The travel bloggers Annika and Mathias Koch have recorded their most beautiful impressions in a yearbook.

Inspirational travel yearbook from the Dream Team

Our CEWE customers and travel bloggers Annika and Mathias Koch show the highlights from one year in their travel photo book. Become an explorer!

Our moments of the year in square format

Yearbook 2020: Design a noble cover

Give away a whole year (-tenth): summarize your most beautiful stories in a CEWE PHOTOBOOK with an elegant cover.

CEWE PHOTOBOOK with a cover including silver finishing lies on a brown leather sofa next to a knitted blanket.

Creative tip for a CEWE yearbook: create an impressive book cover

The design fun begins with the title: Designing an impressive book cover is very easy with the tips from blogger Anna Luz de Leon and the tools of the CEWE Photo World software!

Reviews to browse

Let yourself be inspired by our customers' lovingly designed yearbooks

Excursions, family celebrations or even quiet moments - many memories are worth keeping.

Tips and ideas for your CEWE PHOTOBOOK

Discover the possibilities of the CEWE Photo World software